Top 10 SEO Leading Trends That Ruled in 2016


2016 has been proved as an exciting year for the SEO business. We had witnessed saw the long-awaited Mobile add-on update, that penalized sites insulation behind within the mobile compliance space, a large overhaul to native rankings with the new native three-pack, a brand new quality algorithmic rule for content, and a dozen around different minor updates from Google. Additionally, we’ve got seen new digital assistant technologies and new varieties of mobile devices getting down forming the longer term of search in terms of user behavior. Numerous changes are enforced in search in 2016, and as promoting managers and SEO agencies review the impact the previous year of labor has had on the performance of their rankings.

seo trends 2016
1. Video Content Overtook Written Content in ROI for B2C Industries

Today, written content is taken into account the “standard,” even by the overwhelming majority people who unendingly insist that as well as many alternative formats of content may be a sensible plan. Still, written content may be a reasonable baseline for many brands, with infographics, images, videos, and different mediums serving as peripheral additions. In 2016, a few of latest technologies and also the continuation of years-long trends had been shifted, and video had outpaced written content in terms of reach, engagement, effectiveness, and overall ROI.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate optimization (CRO) was a hokum in 2015, that had been carried forward in 2016 likewise. Of course, conversions area unit measured otherwise from one website to a different, however in 2016 the utilization of conversion rate improvement became additional sophisticated.

3. Page Tagging

2016 has seen this rise more and lead to heading tags being unrolled a so much larger rate, and doubtless more often. Providing structure to mobile users resulted in an exceedingly would like for various devices and browsers to load pages otherwise.

4. Effective Digital Assistants

Modern search engines are receiving a lot of and a lot of queries from digital assistants that are adding a brand new layer to the quality of search (Like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now). Auditory communication queries tend to be abundant totally different than typewritten queries, which means a full new variety of long-tail keyword queries are found solved in 2016.

5. More Readily Indexed Social Content

In 2016, a lot of platforms had become a lot of heavily indexed within the vaults out there to Google and different search engines. Social posts applied a price and a thought like any freelance website, and also the separation of “web” associated “social media” had begun to blur even beyond an SEO perspective.

6.  App Store Optimization (Aso)

The rise of mobile has resulted in a very larger variety of firms manufacturing apps, thence making a necessity for app store optimization (ASO) so as to contend against one another. Mobile users are unit more and more victimization device search tools like Siri as hostile search engines, so as to ‘cut to the chase’ and find the information faster.

7. Local and Vocal Search

Local search is obtaining additional targeted and per se businesses ought to be additional vocal in what they’re doing. Google Places/Businesses currently solely shows three results rather than seven within the initial instance, however, a click through reveals an inventory of around twenty results.

8. Deep Links in Apps

Google has been asserting apps for an extended time currently. As a part of the shift toward specializing in mobile users, Google is anticipating a future wherever apps might overtake conventional websites in quality and practicality.

9. Interactive Content

Content has been king for many years, however, it looks interactive content has won the crown in 2016. Infographics, already massively widespread as a point, have not extremely started out among users, however, interactive content, similar (but additional advanced) to on-line quizzes, will encourage user engagement and interaction with a complete. 2016 witnessed huge growth with mobile and app use because the Smartphone is that the good tool for user interaction.

10. Knowledge Graph Growth

Google has exaggerated the quantity of data it puts on its search results pages, in some cases reducing the requirement for users to even click on an internet site. This will be seen on native listings, cinema times, hotels and reviews, traveler attractions and last film reviews from trade critics. Though handy for a user, it poses a couple of queries for websites endeavor for online area.

Deep Links: One Smart Link for Every Scenario to Raise App Users

B2C: Relationship between Buyer and Customer

App Store Optimization: Refers to process of improving the visibility of any mobile app

Infographics: Pattern of contents that propagate information along with visual delights

Conversion Rate Optimization: It refers to a system that increases the percentage of visitors to a website, which eventually converts them into customers

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